Leslie Shaw said Coto Hernandez ‘hurt’ and ‘bipolar’ and she says all this (VIDEO)

Following statements by Coto Hernandez, Leslie Shaw responded in the most unexpected way

Leslie Shaw broke the silence. Coto Hernandez had strong epithets toward her in an interview, but the blonde had an unexpected response.

In the interview, released today by Shows , when he mentioned what he had said, she with a slightly sarcastic tone, he does not believe that the dancer mentioned about it.

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“I see it a little hurt. I think a person who does not let to another and not let speak, something must be, obviously. I do not know if it hurt or chopped because maybe Mario has more host their videos. Until the day today there is a friction there. “Were the strong words of Coto Hernandez referring to Leslie Shaw .

“She used to Mario Hart , used to Krayg Peñ to, to me he used me. If she had not been with Mario would not be positioned as now , continued the dancer. 

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“Oh I do not believe you.” “I think we are wrong because Coto is a gentleman. Too bad.” , Said Leslie Shaw when told about what was said by Coto Hernandez.

We also consulted on the reasons why they moved away.  “I do not know what they are talking about. That was long ago, and that was why. Replied Leslie.

In addition blonde she ruled on her dancing with Paolo Guerrero . She said that only danced and was amused.

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