New discovery: New Piercing Daith relieves pain of fibromyalgia and CM

Fibromyalgia is one syndrome of pain chronic common , affecting one estimate of 3 to 9 million of adults in the United States . Fibromyalgia is not is one disease specific . The term fibromyalgia describes one pattern of symptoms cluster , including pain of body generalized and sensitivity to the pressure in points specific of body , called points sensitive . Interestingly , these points of sensitivity especially are exceptionally sensitive to the pressure in people with fibromyalgia , while spots like in other parts of their bodies not are . In addition , the people with other types of pain chronic , as the lumbago or the arthritis , do not find that pressing these points is painful for them .


The cause or causes of the fibromyalgia are still unknown . Some patients develop symptoms of fibromyalgia after the trauma or disease , while others develop the condition without any event trigger identified . Fortunately , the fibromyalgia not is one disease degenerative or progressive that will turn into paralysis , loss of memory or other loss of performance .


Interestingly , one number of therapies pain head also is effective in the reduction of symptoms of the fibromyalgia :


Antidepressants (which have effects to ease the pain )
Tizanidine ( relaxing muscle with effects to ease the pain )
Psyschological skills of management of pain (for example , stress , coping , training of relaxation )
E XERCISE to eróbico
Symptoms common of the FMS , may include :


Problems of concentration and memory , known as “fibro fog”
Sore head
Syndrome of intestine irritable
Stiffness in the morning
The pains menstruales
Problems of sleep
Numbness and tingling in hands , arms , feet and legs
Points of sensitivity
S íntomas or sensoria, t signal as d smell or f requency
Of Sufferings head chronic are one symptom of the fibromyalgia ?


Dolores of head chronic , as the migraine recurrent or tension-type sore head , are common in up to one 40% of the people with fibromyalgia . P ou p lantear u n p ROBLEM i mportante e n c apacity d e u na p ersona p ara to frontar and to utogestionar F MS. .


The sore head may be the result of pain in the neck and part superior of the back . Often they are caused by the tension and contraction of the muscles the neck , which is translated in one type of pain head called tension-type sore head or sore head of muscle contraction . Also it can be caused by points of sensitivity in the back of the head and the neck . It is important to remember that other problems doctors can cause sore head , so frequent or strong pains head must be properly diagnosed andtreated by your doctor .


The Foundation National Pain head , reports that more than 29 million of Americans suffer from Migraines (CM) chronic and the fibromyalgia , with women is three times more likely than men to get . But why and what it can do ?


The Piercing Daith for Fibromyaliga and relief of migraine


These terrible pain head can be triggered by tasks daily , eating certain foods , or even fluorescent and noise excessive . While scientists are not sure why affect to some people and not to others , does not seem to be healing for them “one size fits all” so that you remain sick to try to pill pill day after (neurologists often prescribe antidepressants for relieve them ) and the treatment after the treatment (of change in their diets , to the acupuncture , meditation , yoga).


Y mientras que algunas the estas Alternativas ayudan the Algun , otros quedan frustrados – pero ansiosos portion from Proxima posibilidad … entrar “Daith piercing”.
The piercing daith is a ring smaller than pierce the cartilage inside of each ear , running through from one point of pressure , which for some will relive the pain of migraine and fibro . It is one method relatively new , made mainly in tattoo and piercing shops with not many statistics to back up yet .
Dave Kurlander , owner of the studio artistic storm in Hopewell Junction , NYperforms the daith piercing in the customers , and really believe that is the way to go .
“I’ve had many people come to me in looking for relief from migraine . It is one alternative much cheaper to the medicine and the acupuncture even , and many of the doctors recommend , and if you ‘re in drilling that is even better .

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