1 hour surgery, a heart attack six times, was still alive, the four-month child

NEW DELHI: 1 hour heart surgery of a child victim of a rare disease. Not only that, he was six, he suffered a heart attack. Save life, without having to bear the brunt of several cardiac surgery and was long the child milk. Bidhidha well soon be back home.

According to newspaper reports, the 45-day bidhidha vomiting after feeding him, he was unconscious. Konaorakame wake his mother. But again, he was unconscious. Take him to a local nursing home with his parents. BJ Wadia hospital in Mumbai cikitsadera bidhidhake the advice they took. His heart disease was diagnosed mahadhamanira blood transport. That was the start of treatment.

Wadia Hospital Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon at the panda on March 14 bidhidhara surgery. He said the development of the baby’s heart is absolutely the opposite of the normal heart. After surgery, the heart of the complex is to improve bidhidhara. But some did not improve his weak lungs. The amount of oxygen in the blood was reduced by one-third compared to normal levels, while the amount of carbon dioxide would have been tripled.

According to physicians, ICU-ray 51 days after surgery was kept bidhidhake. Imbalance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood for her six times in the period were heart disease. Once his heart had stopped for nearly 15 minutes. High-frequency ventilator osasiletari Hospital to stabilize bidhidhara lungs were used.

However, for this long, expensive treatment cost Rs 5 lakh. Bidhidhara parents could pay only 5 thousand. Giyechecara the rest of the money received from various donors hospital bidhidhake will be released from the hospital shortly.

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